Managing Social Media

LinkedIn is the best global platform for professionals. The tool allows professionals to connect with current and former colleagues, network contacts, employers, professional associations, and hunt for jobs. Users are able to customize profiles to highlight their skills, education, and experience. Nearly 90% of employers will look for your social media. Stand out for all the right reasons.

LinkedIn University

LinkedIn University has resources to help college and university students develop a strong social media presence. Tutorials include:

  1. Creating Your Student Profile

  2. Job/Internship Hunting

  3. Networking on LinkedIn

  4. Communicating Your Goals

  5. Engaging with Employers

  6. Building Your Brand


  1. Create relevant profiles

  2. Network with those in your (intended) industry

  3. Be active on social media (follow, like, comment)

  4. Be a connector for others

  5. Prove yourself worthy of being offered a job

  6. Use more than one site to job hunt

  7. Develop a strategy to prevent job seeker burn out (identify 3-5 jobs, apply, search for 3-5 more)

Source: Forbes


Average number of months in advance of start

date that employers begin recruiting interns

23.6 Days

Average time from interview to offer


Conversion rate from intern to full-time hire


Average hourly wage for an intern

Source: NACE


Recently, Career Builder surveyed more than 2,000 hiring managers and HR representatives. More than half who take the look at applicants social media accounts have decided against hiring applicants based on what they found.

Here's what keeps people from getting hired

46% - Inappropriate or provocative pictures or content

41% - Evidence of drinking or drug use

28% - Discriminatory or culturally insensitive posts

21% - Inappropriate screen names

Why HR uses social media when considering applicants

65% - Want to see how you present yourself professionally

51% - Asses your fit for the organization

45% - Learn more about your qualifications

It's not just what you post on social media. Be aware of how others include you in their posts.