Whether you are trying to figure out your life or just your major it is hard to make decisions without information. Our primary goal is to provide each student and alumni the information they need to make an educated decision.

We strive to have the resources to identify career pathways for which you are eligible and help develop workable strategies to ensure the success of your personal and professional goals.

This report uniquely integrates detailed job interest information from the Strong Interest Inventory with personality preferences from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for all clients starting a career, considering a career change, looking for career enrichment, or seeking a better work-life balance. It offers a complete career development picture, based on a combined interpretation of clients’ professional interests and their personality. The Strong and MBTI Career Report are used for career planning, career guidance, and leadership development.

Part of being career-ready is developing a broad awareness of career pathways linked your academic program(s). What Can I Do With This Major? identifies not only what alumni are doing with the same degree as you, but list strategies building your candidacy, professional associations, and job boards. The websites included in the links section provide additional information about each major and the occupations commonly associated with it.

Assess your skills, interests, and values and match results to the latest job market data. Find out what careers are trending, skills requirements, and salary information down to the ZIP code! The Department of Labor tool can help you with your job search, resume, interview, and salary negotiation.