Thank you Cards & Notes

Part of becoming a professional is setting up your office. You may not have a home office just yet, however, there are some basic supplies that you should always keep in stock. High-quality paper, folders, and envelopes for your resume and thank you cards. A spirit of gratitude is said to be correlated with a sense of happiness and well-being. Take a moment to consider all of the people that have passed through your life and left an indelible mark. Odds are the list is longer than you first thought. Consider developing a new habit: Write and send one thank you card per week to some on your list. 

Why Should I Send a Thank You Card?
We don't often express appreciation enough. People tend to remember those from whom they receive cards. Expressing appreciation beyond casual comments. 

When Should I Send a Thank you Card?
Send a thank you card anytime someone impacts your professional development. It's best to do so within 24 hours of the event. Here are a few appropriate scenarios: 
  • Review and help you improve your resume.
  • Provide advice or insight about a particular company. 
  • Facilitate a connection or a job or business lead. 
  • Offer to be a reference for employment.
  • When you've wrapped up a major accomplishment on which they advised or assisted. 
  • Following a formal or informational interview.
Can I Send an Email Instead?
Sure. It's always good to let others know that you appreciate their time. Cards often leave a stronger impression. The same principles apply to a thank you email as they do a card.